About Us

At HelpfulRunner.com we don’t take running too seriously. That doesn’t mean we don’t do serious running.  On the contrary, we have run many very serious races from 5 km road races to 160 km ultra marathons. We just value finishing and having fun doing it along the way rather than finishing first.

Other than the 5 and 8 kilometer runs and full and half marathons we have successfully completed lots of ultra marathons and adventure races. Here are some of the races we have completed.

The Blackfoot Ultra: A 100 kilometer trails run through the Blackfoot nature reserve near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, that must be completed in under 14 hours.

The Canadian Death Race: 125 kilometer adventures race that summits 3 mountains around Grande Cache, Alberta, and must be completed in 24 hours.

The Sinister 7: A148 kilometer adventure race over the toughest trails in the Crows Nest Pass area of the Canadian Rockies that must be completed in less than 27 hours (See Sinister 7 Photos).

The Lost Soul Ultra: A 160 kilometer ultra marathon in and out (and in and out, and in and out..) of the river valley in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, that must be completed in under 35 hours. (See Lost Soul Ultra Photos).

The Iron Horse 100 Ultra: 160 kilometer along the Iron Horse trail starting at St.Paul, Alberta, Canada, must be completed in under 27 hours.